12112417_10204770157756658_4442950541547778260_nI am a long time City of Gatlinburg Firefighter and Paramedic and I love serving the people of my mountain home. It truly broke my heart to watch the firestorm and ensuing devastation that occurred on that fateful day in November, 2016!

Many times during the evening I looked around me while we worked on fire area after fire area to try fully understand what was happening around me. I could see the neighborhoods of longtime friends and coworkers completely on fire. It was truly a helpless feeling.

Nothing would make me happier right now than helping as many home owners as I can rebuild and restart. As part of my own healing process I want to help people rise the ashes that were beautiful homes and make Gatlinburg better than ever. After long thought I am partnering with my friends at Brainstorm Cafe and all the hard working and honest contractors we know personally. We are a one stop shop for all you need in services and products to rebuild your Gatlinburg Home. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to me. As a firefighter and a public servant I understand the words integrity and honesty.